Personality Development

The objective of the course is to enhance, groom and bring in a positive change in your life and career. The course is designed to boost your confidence with numerous different ways in order to bring in a real change in your personality.  



  • Personal Transformation
  • Productivity: Time management, Motivation, Goal setting
  • Leadership: Management skills. Communication skills, Emotional intelligence, Presentation skills.
  • Happiness: Law of attraction, Purpose of life, Positive thinking, Attitude and gratitude.
  • Skill Development   – Reading, Writing, Public speaking.
  • Self esteem Self center understanding, Social skills, Intra and interpersonal skills, Dealing with anxiety, Move on strategies
  • Stress management and anger management
  • Fine etiquettes
  • Memory and Study Skills – Speed reading, Concentration


  • Improve people’s skills
  • Develop inner strength and capacity to take on responsibility
  • Enhance your professional capabilities
  • Learn to be content
  • Reduce stress
  • Become a leader
  • Increase your productivity


30 hours

You can excel at UXCEL

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